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My name is Ryan Keefe, and I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Panama City, FL. At 24 years old, I have an unwavering passion for both music and embracing life to its fullest.

Although my love for music runs deep, there is more to my story than just melodies and lyrics. My late grandfather, an astute entrepreneur and skilled tradesman, imparted invaluable wisdom and knowledge upon me. Beyond music, his teachings on perseverance and resourcefulness have shaped who I am today. Sadly, he passed away in August 2021 due to Covid-19, leaving a profound impact on my life.

One of his enduring mantras, “If you want to do it, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse,” continues to echo within me. These words became my inspiration to pick up the guitar and never let it go. Dedication and daily practice became my reliable companions, even when the journey initially seemed daunting.

I remember wondering if playing an instrument required a pact with the devil! Yet, through countless challenges and discouragement, I always returned to my grandfather’s words. They fortified me during the toughest moments, reminding me of the strength needed to venture into uncharted musical territories.

Today, I proudly admit that I am not the best musician, nor do I aspire to be. However, my unwavering passion for music and my desire to infuse joy into people’s lives through my melodies drive me daily. I push myself to be the best version of who I can be, seeking to create a unique and unforgettable musical experience. The future brims with excitement, and I eagerly look forward to this extraordinary adventure.

I invite you to tag along for the ride, as together, we explore the boundless possibilities and share in the joy that music brings to us all.


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Ryan Keefe is a talented musician and singer playing at local venues and private
across NW Florida. Connect to his event calendar.


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